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2019, and the future

My overall insights in 2019

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Overview of KHSKY

I always like to express all kinds of emotions using mediums like music, and videos. From all the obstacles that I've gone through - I need to start a company. Named "KHSKY Digital Group", it was founded way back in mid-2016 as a gaming clan like and fnatic, it was my idea that me and my friend from Skype that I need to organize and form a gaming clan, but we have parted ways. And decided to rebrand it from "Evergreen Studios/Media", the name "Evergreen" is from the name "Onneilisuus Evergreen"; instead of it being a gaming clan, it had focused on a video production company. I've gone through a few rebrands to avoid confusion from other companies and plagiarism.

The name KHSKY alone is from my fursona name "Kokoro Husky" with the initials and the last 3 letters combined.

Source of Inspiration

This year has also been where I have completely shifted my taste of music, at the beginning of 2019, I mainly listened to rap and lo-fi, but in mid-2019, I listened to K-pop 24/7. Listening to K-pop has become a source of inspiration for me. I've taken to look at what it's like in the K-pop industry. For me, K-pop has a unique vibe other than pop songs. Artists like BTS have tackled mental issues and bullying incorporated in their songs, which is why they're popular. And that's what got me inspired by opening an entertainment company.

I've also founded a record label called "KHSKY-M" as a subsidiary, as the "M" for, of course, in "Music" - I've started to practice dances from several K-pop groups (specifically EXO, NCT, and Monsta X), just to be better at freestyle dancing, and learning all the aspects of dancing. With this talent, I can open both a dance and a recording studio called "KHSKY-DS1"; for the production called "KHSKY-PS", as the "KHSKY Digital Group" serves as a holding company.

The future and changes

Now, I usually hate people who are close-minded, but even if I'm open-minded, I make frantic and impulsive decisions. Procrastinating has been terrible for me. Especially in school projects, and homework.

I like my position as a video editor, I've been editing videos since I was 11. Over recent years, I've been dabbling into music, dance, and videography even more, as I want to broaden my talent. I want to impress not only my relatives, and friends but to everyone. I've taken all the positive highlights in my life as fuel for motivation. Yeah, I can be lazy at times but I can work hard as much as I can.

I've tried to overcome my hindrances, mental issues this year. And it has worked pretty well. Ignorance is one of my fears, and for some reason, it gives me anxiety just thinking about all of the heinous actions I did in the past. This has possibly been one of the hardest things that I've had to overcome.

I just came to realize that I'm boastful, and always showing off to people I know, but I'm glad that will soon change by next year.

The Furry fandom

Also, just this year - I've "joined" the furry fandom because I want my personality to be more unique, I've seen people over there have seen things that spread positivity, and that drives me to join in the first place. Hopefully, I would open and organize a non-profit organization for people who are victims of bullying, and for those who need.


Overall, this was a better year for me. I've met new people, gained a lot of inspiration, and probably worked hard to get to this point. In the future, I'm not seeking attention or to be popular, I just wanted to benefit from each and one of us, and hopefully, make people happy.