The Philosophy Behind MyArtverse

Learn how MyArtverse solves a tedious and common process of artist commissions by streamlining the process through an all-in-one platform!

6 Years of Making Music

A new year has arrived and it's time to finally sunset my music-making talent.

How I won MintyChipMocha's first edit competition

Here are my thoughts about it with having over 5 or 6 years of editing videos and how it lead me to joining Minty's first edit competition

A major oversight when developing MyFursona

We've faced a name conflict with "MyFursona"; as KovuTheHusky founded the original MyFursona website back in 2008. Kovu eventually responded and acknowledged the project but retained ownership of the name, leading us to rebrand the project name to reach a broader audience.

A new chapter for MyArtverse (previously MyFursona)

A soon-to-be social art platform to cater to artists and users to manage their characters and keep track of commissions and character adoptables

Wrapping 2020

A hectic year and a harrowing quarantine experience: making music, editing wikis, and long-form content

High notes

Sharing my anecdotes on my singing skills and my reflecting on the K-Pop and music industry; and the furry fandom too

I'm taking a break

As the pandemic hit, I got time to be more productive and work on my upcoming EP

2019, and the future

My overall insights in 2019