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I'm taking a break

As the pandemic hit, I got time to be more productive and work on my upcoming EP

I started my YouTube channel on November 29, 2014. I created it because I can't remember my old login details to my other account, and now I currently have access to and unlisted the videos. In just a span of 6 years, I've gained a huge interest in making videos, and I've made over 190 videos.

Although I got 2 cameras, the first one is a GoPro HERO+LCD, which I got on the 13th of March 2018, but it easily got worn off because of my mistreatment, and it didn't work on the 5th of January this year while we're on a short vacation break. And I got the Canon EOS M50 on April 21, 2019. And I have gained inspiration to make more videos in terms of cinematography, but I quickly realize that I am getting burned out by making videos, mainly because of procrastination even before the whole pandemic even started, but right now, I have completely lost it.

Ever since I started filming Jin Woo's Adventure as well as outside activities, I was having fun editing them last year. But now that literally everyone is in quarantine, there's nothing much we can do asides from doing other projects and whatnot. I think that I've lost steam because of this and it's kinda sad that I really wanted to go outside with my friends after our exam, but that didn't happen because of the gLoBaL PaNdeMiC

At least I can work on other things such as my music but I'll get to that in a bit.

The current state of my channel

I have regained access to my AdSense account, but in just 2 weeks - my AdSense is still active, but it was temporarily suspended because of "reused content". Because I uploaded a black video with various titles encouraging my subscribers to unsubscribe in such a hostile and aggressive manner, even containing curse words to tick them off. And it did work, I lost 8 subscribers in less than 24 hours, and I live-streamed of myself sleeping with the title "please unsubscribe"—it garnered over 50 views in a few weeks, and this just proves that begging something gets more views rather than my typical content.

And this is where I've gone insane, the fact that I got more than 1.3K subscribers - I am beginning to be crazy. My channel is falling into obscurity, as a result, my inspiration and motivation to make videos during an entire month of quarantine are starting to lose their magic because of this. The next thing I did, is private all videos, except for 2019 uploads, and R Comments videos. Although I started to experiment with the *new* video chapters on various videos, still - it didn't give me the motivation to make videos.

As for where I got 1.3K subscribers, it's because I uploaded an FNAF video which was completely unprecedented. I originally uploaded it in August 2017 but removed it accidentally - so I re-uploaded it on October 31st, 2017, put the video on private on November 1st, 2019 then put it back on the public for a few weeks, then finally removed it on May 27.

K-Pop and producing music

At least this quarantine crap made me improve on producing music. During quarantine, I have gained so much interest in K-pop, in terms of singing and dancing really well. This inspires me to start to not only learn how to produce decent songs but to learn how to sing really well, with strong and high vocals, and as for dancing - all I can say is that I still need some more work, yes, I am decent but my movements starting to get sloppy because all I do is freestyle, and that's what I need to work on in order to perform and create choreography.

I started to gain traction in making music, and as the K-pop genre started to interest me - it was amplified. This as well started to structure my own company and probably get into business as well, but only the bare basics of it - and I need someone to operate the company with me because I can't be bothered to learn all the business sides of things because it's gonna burn me quickly despite I go through new things.


Well, I think that's all for now, there are drastic changes to my EP "Unmasked, Identify" - it was going to be an album containing 7 tracks, but I decided to shorten it to 5 tracks each of the 3 EPs I release every 2 months. My debut EP is going to be released on August 1st, while my debut single will be on July 15th.

I am now in the process of writing the lyrics for one of my first songs. I hope this goes well.