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6 Years of Making Music

A new year has arrived and it's time to finally sunset my music-making talent.

After releasing 17 singles, plus 6 remasters, 2 EPs, and 4 albums; I have officially retired from making original music. I've been lacking the motivation to make original music nowadays since most of the songs I made are either abandoned, unfinished, or not good enough to be released.

How it all began

It all started when I was watching PewDiePie's "Respect Wamen" music competition; most of the submissions on there were amazing since I had no experience in making music at that time; the one that piqued my interest in making music was a submission by "catface". (Timestamp at 4:01)

The chord progression was very catchy, despite the inappropriate themes present since it was a very different time.

There were also the works of Asher Postman, specifically his remixes of "DUBAI WAS LIT" and "It's Everyday Bro"; and from AcesToAces with his "[music genre] in 3 minutes" video format, which inspired me to start making music.

So I grabbed a copy of FL Studio 12 and released the first song I ever produced literally overnight called "I am a Cat" and released it on SoundCloud. I've made a "music video" after this too.

First album release

Fast forward to the pandemic, I dared myself to make music to fill that boredom; over time, I've learned how to master my own music, making minor adjustments here and there during that period.

I was really active at making music, probably releasing about 4-6 singles on SoundCloud at this time; specifically "Origins", "Eclipse", "Metallic Emperor", and "Watch the Sunset".

I eventually released my first-ever instrumental-only indie album on March 6, 2021. It was originally going to be released in December 2020 but I unfortunately had issues with my music distributor but managed to get it resolved.

Priority from code over music

As my passion for learning to write code grew in me in 2022, my knack for making original music was slowly fading away, it felt like it had no style, almost as if I had a similar chord progression on most of my songs and it almost felt bland and basic. So, retiring is the only option; I'll be keeping my music on streaming platforms, and there will be no releases for a really long time unless I say otherwise.

With that being said, even as an individual who has a lot of self-taught skills, there can be limits too; I do enjoy the process of making and mixing music from an audio workstation like FL Studio, and still have that music side on me, just not using it to make original music until the foreseeable future.